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Oh no, I missed my suhoor!

Assalamu ’alaikum,

Here are 5 quick tips if you’ve missed your Suhoor (pre-dawn Ramadan meal) and want to stay productive:

1. Don’t panic: Nothing like panicking yourself if you missed Suhoor; calm down, go pray Fajr, read some Quran, you’ll be fine!

2. Don’t think about it too much: Again, don’t stress your mind and constantly remind yourself during the day that you missed Suhoor and that you only had one meal last night..etc Just having this thought in your mind is enough to drain your energy and give you an excuse for being unproductive.

3. Get on with your day: An athlete once said “There’s nothing more powerful than a made up mind”. Make up your mind to be productive, talk to yourself like an athlete, and get on with your day!

4. Nap if you need to: If you feel super hungry, then take short naps/breaks to help yourself pull through the day.
Keep yourself busy: Ever had one of those Ramadan days that went by so quickly! Chances are you spent that day either super busy or doing something you really enjoyed. Try to do the same here and you won’t feel that you even missed Suhoor at all inshaAllah.

5. Finally and most importantly, make dua to Allah (Subhanahu Wa Ta’ala) to help you during the day. Remember the verse “You Alone We Worship, and You Alone We Seek Help From” (Al-Fatiha). If we’re fasting for him then let’s ask Him to help us with our fasting and perform it correctly whether we miss suhoor or not.

For more on this, read our ‘10 Step Suhoor Routine’ on

(Oh btw, Master Your Sleep article series is out on the website, check it out here and )

Yours sincerely,
Abu Productive

ps. oh and please don’t miss Suhoor again! Set 5 alarms next time! ;)

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Friday, May 27, 2011

As Parents, We Are Swimming Against The Current

We are living in a strange time of rat races, struggling to keep up with others around us. This race is not only limited to our wealth, status, or any other type of materialism, but also includes the way we carry out many of our daily roles in life, especially as parents. The way we raise our children and the values/goals we set for them has become a matter of competition. The definition of a good parent, in our world, revolves around how comfortably our children are raised, how much money we are able to collect and spend on them, the amount of good, fresh food that is provided daily, and what “type” of secular education we are able to provide for them. The more we are able to provide of these worldly things, the better we are perceived as fulfilling parents.


Friday, April 29, 2011

Pearls from Surah Yusuf

It amazes me how Yusuf (peace be upon him) was so grateful to God and forgiving of his brothers even as he suffered all kinds of indignities:

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Monday, April 25, 2011

18 Tips to Stop Cyberbullying

1. Keep the computer in a common area of the home. Do not allow it in your children's bedrooms. Monitor their online usage.

2. Learn how various social networking websites work. Become familiar with Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. Ask your children if they will show you their profile pages.

3. Talk regularly and specifically with your children about online issues. Let them know they can come to you for help if anything is inappropriate, upsetting, or dangerous.


Saturday, April 23, 2011

Being at Peace with Yourself: Psychological Approach towards Acceptance and Serenity

Imagine what your reaction would be if you saw your Muslim brother or sister verbally and physically abusing another Muslim that was feeling very depressed for making a mistake? What if you heard them yelling, “ YOU STUPID IDIOT…..can’t you do anything right? Then punching him and saying, “YOU’RE ALWAYS MESSING UP!” As he tries to catch his breath, he kicks him and says , “You are so WORTHLESS!” Your heart would be overflowing with sympathy for the one oppressed and with absolute rage at the oppressor. The natural response would be to protect the oppressed, help him up and tend to his wounds. You would comfort him by explaining that we all make mistakes and we can always change. As your nurturing slowly takes effect, your anger would be directed at the cruel, heartless person standing before you. That person could be yourself.

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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

7 Ways to Deal with the Negative People in your Life

Let the Negativity Pass

Whatever you do, do not argue with a negative person. Arguing only adds fuel to the fire. A negative person will feed off any negativity that will strengthen his mood or attitude. I have noticed when my children are in a crabby mood, it is best to avoid trying to convince them to analyze and adjust their attitude. As soon as I take the approach of being in opposition with them, they seize the opportunity to prove to me that life stinks...
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Ingrid Mattson on the Uprising in Egypt

On March 7, 1965, six hundred peaceful civil rights protesters were brutally attacked by police in Selma, Alabama. In the following weeks, Americans of all faiths came to Selma to rally in support of the human rights and dignity of African-Americans. Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel, one of American Judaism's great theologians said, "When I marched in Selma, my feet were praying." Read more.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

3 Powerful Tips for Overcoming Fear

Some of the common fears we experience:

  • Fear of failure
  • Fear of being rejected
  • Fear of not meeting our own expectations

When we realize that we’re being excessively fearful, what should we do? Here are 3 choices:

3 Powerful Tips for Overcoming Fear